Beat Dialer

"Beat Dialer is a straightforward drum app for Android that has really good timing (and I've used quite a few that couldn't claim that), a different interface from more drum machines and good quality samples. I mean, what more could you ask for in a drum app?"

Beat Dialer is a sequencer/drum machine for Android mobile devices. The Full version and the Lite version are available on the Android Market.

How do I use Beat Dialer?
  • Select samples from the list on the left
  • Use the right dial to to select 1 of 16 steps, pressing the centre button to turn the selected sample on or off at that step.
  • Press the "Apply to loop" button to apply the new pattern to the audio loop.
  • The headphones indicate un-applied changes, the speaker indicates that the sample is triggered at some point in the current audio loop.

Why isn't it working for me?
Beat Dialer has only been hardware-tested on Android 2.2 on an HTC Desire, but should work on 2.1 as well. I will do further testing ASAP but that's how it stands at the moment. If you are unsure, try the free "Lite" version first.

If you would like support with Beat Dialer email me at

There are very few Android music applications and none of the available ones did exactly what I wanted. I also found that the existing ones copied traditional sampling/sequencing hardware (using small buttons/knobs) - a UI that I found really hard to use on a small screen. I decided to try and make a musical tool that actually embraced the "touch" environment.

Where are the samples from?
The currently available samples have been chopped out a Crookers freebie sample pack they released a little while ago, a free Wave Alchemy pack of 606 drums and sounds recorded from the Stylophone beat-box. The samples have been converted to 16-bit PCM mono and the volumes have been set to comparable levels.