Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SwashBot has a friend

It seems to be the time for follow-ups at the moment. Previously, I wrote about an awesome little robot called SwashBot that was based on the swash plate of an RC Helicopter.

Yesterday, I was looking at the pictures again and noticed an addition at the bottom. SwashBot's creator, Crabfu, has just built a larger version, SwashBot 2 (pictured besides the original).

There is a video of SwashBot 2 on his site, it has the same style gait as the original, but is somewhat larger.

Kudos goes out to Crabfu, both of these bots are fantastic examples interesting robots built on a budget. I just hope he puts a little automation into them now; there are plenty of Microcontrollers that could handle that many Servos directly and that gait coupled with a simple light-seeking, obstacle-avoiding behaviour would be fantastic to see.