Monday, June 16, 2008

Python's working on DSL

I found a .uci of Python today, and ran it under the latest version of DSL. It installed quickly, and works fine, but I was unable to import the pyserial library to it due to the way that DSL loads uci's into a read-only memory space. I had to copy the contents of the "serial" directory in the "pyserial-2.2" archive to the root of my program folder. I then had to rename "" to "".

This got the program starting without error but, as yet, I have been unable to get any actual serial data returned from the robot. I assume this is simple a baud rate issue, as under XP/Vista, I had to set-up the USB-rs232 adapter in device manager before it would work. I just need to find the equivalent under linux.

More to come AFTER tomorrow's exam.