Sunday, April 26, 2009

Testing out the sonar sensor

Just a short video of the Maxbotix EZ0 sonar sensor hooked up to the helicopter. The code running on the Picaxe simply reduces the pulse-width to the servo by 20% if something is closer than 30cm. This is too close for actual use, but demonstrates the concept.

I was going to have a lot more to show from today, but 20 seconds after I finished filming this, the batteries in my rc controller went flat, the helicopter took on a mind of it's own, flipped over and proceeded to rip off the top rotor...


  1. Any updates on this project, have you been able to use any sensor software to map out what the heli is looking at, or recording where she has been?

  2. I have done some more work on it since, but I found a slight flaw in design. As shown in the images, the sensor is pointing forward. What I found is when the blades spool up to take-off speed, the turbulence is detected as proximity and the helicopter lurches backwards violently... :S So, I will do further work on this, but I will be using a Sharp IR sensor for forward detection and the sonar sensor for detecting the distance above the ground - something that could allow for some cool hovering behaviour.