Monday, October 19, 2009

Pong game blue glowing coffee table prototype procrastination outlet

Well, this proves I still exist :)

After much effort I realised that I haven't been able to keep to any sort of regular uploading schedule so, to limit disappointment I will simply promise to post any cool projects that I work on when they happen - I recommend following my RSS feed (the big orange image to the right) to make this easier.

In three weeks I will have completed the last exam keeping me as an undergraduate! Obviously, exams study requires dedicated procrastination which has lead to the pretty picture above.

I purchased a Velleman pong kit from ThinkGeek a week ago and set about testing out an idea - to make a coffee table with pong embedded (okay, I admit, not the most original idea...).

After constructing the kit I wired it up to the small in-car TV that I had laying around, added a piezoelectric speaker and a 4 gratuitously blue LEDs.

This works surprisingly well so the next step is to find a coffee table that I can wedge it into...

In daylight

The constructed pong kit, pre-modification

Detail of the modifications.