Sunday, December 12, 2010

A new take on an old theme

Well, it's been a while (again...)

Since my last post I have been exploring a slightly new direction with my extra-curricular software development, specifically writing mobile applications for the Android platform (my HTC Desire). Ironically my corny "adventures in mobile robotics" tag for this site nearly still works (as long as I don't write anything for the iPhone...)

I've put my first application on the Android Market and although it's hardly taken off like Angry Birds it has managed to by me a 6-pack of beer in four days. The application is a drum machine/sequencer called Beat Dialer that uses a unique and theoretically more touch-orientated user-interface than traditional examples.

I expect to be releasing a slow by steady stream of robust and easy to use niche applications in the future and they'll all get a plug here of course :)

(Oh, and I've bought the domain to give this site a bit more visibility.)