Saturday, March 19, 2011

Free Sythe beta released

The title says it all - I've released a free version of Sythe to the Android Market - please try it out and let me know what you think.

The forthcoming paid version will have extra exciting features like sequencing and background playback, so stay tuned!


  1. OK, i checked it out and so far it works on a Motorola Milestone. It's a bit difficult to find out which parameter does what because you have to switch to a parameter screen to change it and then back to the pad to play the sound... so you can't hear what you're doing while changing parameters as the sound doesn't play anymore... And the AM LFO (which is cool though) get's a bit unpredictable when set above 8Hz ;) Anything else you want to ask someone testing your app?

  2. Oh, i forgot: If you hold your finger on the pad for more than ~15-20 secs, the sound just stops playing.

  3. Wow! Thank you for the extremely detailed feedback. I'd like to respond to each of your points in order, so here goes.

    1. It's good to know that it works on the Motorolla - I had some problems with audio support on them previously.

    2. I am intending to add a toggle mode that would leave the sound on so it would be easier to experiment with. This will come out with the next update. I was also thinking of the option to work in a split-screen mode - the settings on the left and the pad on the right. Would be nice if Android had reliable multi-touch...

    3. The AM LFO uses massive ammounts of CPU to cycle the volume up and down through a sine wave pattern, I will look at ways to make this more efficient.

    4. Regarding the sound stopping after 15-20 secs - I didn't know that and I can't replicate it on my HTC Desire. Hopefully adding (2) will fix this.

    If you can tell me after the update whether (4) is fixed I would be very much appreciative.

    It is my general policy to offer reviewers a refund on any of my paid apps (whether they do a review or not) and I would like to extend the same to you. Quality feedback is worth its weight in gold to a developer. If you email me at robert [at] thisismyrobot [dot] com I would like to talk to you further about this.

  4. Toggle mode sounds very good. But i'm not sure if a split screen mode would be better, a smaller area would restrict the control over the pitch and saw/sine mix a bit too much, wouldn't it? And of course, the multi touch isn't as reliable as it should be or as it is on (sorry i hate to say this) iOS.

    The sound stopping problem may even be a specific issue of the Milestone, I wouldn't worry too much about it in this stage of development ;)

    You really don't need to offer me a refund, if the app is good and useful I would be happy to support you and pay for a pro version with more features, thank you for your offer though :)

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