Sunday, January 22, 2012

A few changes and an exciting future

Tomorrow morning I will begin a new job and more importantly, a different direction in my career.

As you can tell from the history of this blog I have always had a passion for robotics and other embedded hardware systems. Graduating with a Bachelor of Computing, instead of Engineering, has obviously limited my job prospects in these more hardware-oriented fields. As a consequence, for the last five or so years I have been employed primarily as a web application developer with occasional forays into desktop application and embedded hardware development.

This all changed four weeks ago when I received an offer of employment at a local electricity generation business. I will taking on a role assisting with developing, administering and supporting their Energy Management System. This will involve working with complex hardware-oriented SCADA systems. I am extremely excited about this new role and the learning opportunities it will offer and I have decided it is time to adjust my non-employment priorities too.

These adjustments will have the greatest effect on my Android application development. I will still continue to bug-fix existing applications and I may even develop a few more new applications, but this will now be a low priority - a couple of hours a month. I've enjoyed working with this platform greatly but, frankly, I am not willing (with this new role) to put the time and effort in to turn this into a self-supporting business, and it doesn't make enough money to continue in a half-hearted manner.

The good news is that as a consequence of the above I intend to spend a lot more time on my embedded hardware/hobby-robotics projects. I've already been working on some as-yet undocumented projects and I would like to blog about these as they reach milestones and conclusions.

Thank you for indulging me in a personal post, I look forward to a picture of a robot leading my next one! :)