Monday, March 11, 2013

Python iRacing API client

Some of you will already know that I am a massive fan of the racing simulator iRacing. I signed up to this "game" a couple of years ago and it's lead to the purchase of new computers, steering wheels and even a dedicated "racing seat".

What I've always wanted to do was build a basic motion rig for the game, something that at least would represent lateral acceleration to give me a better idea of my grip limits when driving. The first step towards this is parsing the telemetry from the game.

iRacing has a telemetry API that's solely documented in the manner of a demo client built from a pile of C code. Whilst I am certainly capable of programming in C, my preference is definitely my pet language, Python. Some brave souls have built clients in C#, but that isn't much better *

Aside from my own bias, Python is a really nice language to use as a new programmer, so developing this client should allow for more people to develop iRacing add-ons which can only be a good thing!

Anyway, I decided to build a Python implementation of a client for iRacing. The API uses a memory mapped file, something Python happily supports out of the box, as well as C data structures for all the high-frequency telemetry which I was able to parse using Python's struct module.

As I was secretly hoping, Python's dynamic-programming abilities allowed me to write a client in short order, using very little code.

The code's right here on GitHub. It's, honestly, quite rough-and-ready, but it works. Please do let me know if you have success or problems with it, I'll do my best to help out. I expect it'll be updated regularly, or whenever I find a bug...

You'll have to extend and modify it to work with your application, but that's half the fun - enjoy! :)

* Whilst I'm not a huge fan of C#, the in-line debugging/inspection functionality in Visual Studio was a god-send when applied it to the C# demo client.


  1. Hello, I'm a fairly beginner programmer and I just got a free Raspberry Pi off a friend. I was thinking about using it to make a tachometer with some LEDs for iRacing.

    I've worked out how to make the LEDs turn on and off with Python, I just need to get the data out of iRacing somehow.

    Will your code help me with this? I looked at the but most of it looks too complicated for me. Will it work on a Raspberry Pi over the network?


    1. Hi Pete,

      Sorry for the massive delay, I reckon you could use my code for this. I would suggest creating a XMLRPC client on the Pi to connect to an XMLRPC server on you PC. The server on your pc could wrap my API client ( and return the RPM via a method in XMLRPC.



  2. Does anyone else have freezes when playing in Wine?
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    I happens in 1/3 races.

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