Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sumo-charge update

Thanks to a super-long-weekend my Parrot Jumping Sumo wireless charging project has been making good progress.

The current design has the Raspberry Pi "proxy" the Jumping Sumo, teeing off the data passing between the controller (iPad/phone/etc) and the Sumo.

There is a basic web interface where the user can view the FPV video, and (soon) enable the automated docking sequence. The web interface runs off a flask web server which can parse the video data and will inject controls back into the stream.

I expect I'll switch to web-only control once I've proved the web interface can perform on the Raspberry Pi.

SumoPy and SumoProxy
Two components of this project are available separately via these repositories if you want a play: SumoPy, SumoProxy.