Sunday, July 2, 2017

Drones drones drones

I've got a new hobby! A couple of months ago I purchased my first FPV drone, the entry level Eachine QX95.

This glorious little machine came with a Betaflight-compatible flight controller, and I've since learnt how to build the ARM-targeted firmware (a first for me) after adding a software failsafe.

I'd played with an FPV camera on a basic toy drone before but this is my first foray into a FPV-specific drone. So far I've been learning fairly quickly

And then I pranged it.

Which became the perfect opportunity to build my first drone "frame", out of old NERF rounds and hot glue :)

The aptly-named Pink Rocket flies suspiciously well, though it's a touch docile compared to the original due to all the wind resistance from the cross-sectional area. It'll certainly do until the replacement frame arrives.

Like most of my hobbies, there's a GitHub repo.


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