Saturday, March 10, 2018

My first 3D printable model!

I recently purchased an RX5808 Pro Diversity FPV receiver and wanted to mount it on my FPV box-style goggles in a manner that didn't just involve a metric ton of double-sided tape.

I've been interested in 3D printing for a long time, but the cost for a "turnkey" 3D printer has remained just out of reach. On top of this I hadn't done any 3D modelling since my Year 12 CAD class over fifteen years ago.

Thankfully, that first problem can be resolved by places like Shapeways and the second by a truly awesome program called OpenSCAD - a programming-driven 3D modeller.

A day's furious measuring and coding, followed by two weeks delivery time from the US of A and look what arrived:

Even better, it works:

I've tweaked the control slot a touch since these photos, so if you just want the STL file, it's in my drones repository, or you can support me by purchasing it from my Shapeways shop.


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