Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another robot!

G'day all, its been a while! I have been attempting to furiously study for my upcoming exams, but unfortunately I have lapsed and produced the following...

Introducing (drum-roll) Procrasti-bot!

This little fella drives around madly, taking photos with a cheapo keychain-camera whenever it smacks into something. It is the product of a pile of spare parts I have had lying around for a while. I intend for it to be controlled by a BEAM-esc circuit, and run off a 1.5v rechargable AA battery.

the bot, pre bumper addition

close-up of the bumper-switch

the bumper

a pre-bumper rear view

underneath, showing basic pre-bumper test wiring

If only I was more creative, this could become some sort of art project...