Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm back!

Wow, it has been along time. Since my last post, I have changed both employer and hours, transitioning from part to full-time work. Focussing on and adjusting to both of these took a large chunk of the time that I would usually spend playing with robots.

I am now employed at Nunatak Systems, developing web-applications on the Plone/Zope platform. This is a new direction in my career, and I am eagerly looking forward to expanding and professionalising my software development skills at this fantastic company.

Now that I have a handle on things, I promise more posts will follow, starting with an interesting area that I am exploring with my CMUcam/Stickduino-powered robot. To give you a hint, I am working on a Rodney Brooks-style behavioural approach for connecting the CMUcam to the motor controlling H-Bridges for a very organic and fluid method of obstacle avoidance.